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At Cat's Corner Veterinary Hospital we consider dental health to be very important for the overall health of our patients. Dental disease can cause untold pain and a number of other health problems in cats. We have well trained and certified staff that excel in restoring dental health and relieving pain caused by diseased teeth. Dr. Ball has undergone significant additional training focusing on feline dental disease and treatment. Our patients receive dental care that is going to be above and beyond your expectations.

All of our patients receive a complete physical examination and lab work before undergoing anesthesia. Lab work is performed to ensure our patient’s internal organs are functioning well enough to metabolize anesthesia. An intravenous catheter (or IV) is placed to allow us access to their bloodstream should an emergency occur. The IV catheter also allows fluids to be administered before, during, and after the procedure to support blood pressure, hydration, and body temperature. During the procedure vital signs are monitored and recorded in a timely manner by a certified technician. A second certified technician will use an ultrasonic scaler to remove any plaque off the patient’s teeth and look for abnormalities above and below the gum line. Next they take full mouth radiographs (x-rays). Similarly to what occurs at your own dental visits, we can look for periodontal disease, resorptive lesions, underlying abscesses or root issues. Performing dental x-rays allows us to confirm any and all teeth that will need to be extracted. We can identify problem and painful teeth before the disease is recognizable above the gum line. Without this step, there is no confirmation a tooth needs to be extracted or not, preventing any unnecessary dental work.

Once Dr. Ball reviews the dental x-rays taken, she will begin any needed extractions with the accompaniment of a nerve block, which reduces pain for our patients and allows us to administer a lighter amount of anesthesia. The diseased teeth are surgically extracted by removing bone to ensure the entire root is removed. The bone is then smoothed and the gums are sutured over at the extraction site to avoid painful dry socket. All dental sutures are self-dissolving and do not require removal.

After Dr. Ball is finished, the technician applies a protective sealant to temporarily prevent further adherence of tartar (bacteria). Antibiotics and pain medication will be sent home for comfort and infection prevention.

Dental health is becoming one of the most important preventative steps you can take to ensure your loved ones live a long, happy and healthy life. In removing dental tartar and painful teeth you are giving them the gift of a much longer life!

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