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Grooming and Boarding

We provide minimal grooming services for patients who will medically benefit from it. Our certified veterinary technicians make our patients more comfortable by providing them with what they need, from a lion cut or comb out to a bath or nail trim.

We also provide boarding services for families that want a safe, quiet, and cat-lover friendly place for their feline family member to vacation, while they vacation. Space is an important part of making our patients comfortable; therefore, we provide ‘kitty condos’ or a large 10'x4' playroom suited for multiple cat households. Our ‘kitty condos’ are two-sided for our patients comfort, a litter side for private business and bedroom side for comfort, feeding, and playtime. Since our staff is 100% cat lovers, you’ll probably find us snuggling or playing with your loved ones in boarding whenever possible.


All of our established patients must be up to date on vaccines to board with us or receive grooming.

Patients who receive veterinary care elsewhere, but wish to board with us or have their cat groomed by us, will need to take a few extra steps. We require full medical history in advance to be sure vaccines are up to date, any serious health concerns (such as kidney disease or diabetes) are reviewed, and the patient must have received a proper FVRCP (distemper) series at some point in their life, as defined by the AVMA and AAFP standards. We also need to meet your feline family member in advance, at what we call, a Pre-Board or Pre-Groom Examination with our doctor to ensure our patients and staffs safety. If you have any questions about these processes please call us today and we’d be happy to help.

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Emergency Care

During business hours, if you have an emergency, call the main number (203) 264-2287 to be sure a veterinarian is currently in hospital and available to help you and your feline family member before arriving here.

Outside business hours, if you have an emergency, call the main number (203) 264-2287 and you will have the option of speaking to a live person from Shoreline Emergency Hospital in Shelton, CT or hearing a list of other emergency clinics available in the area.

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