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We aim to provide the highest quality care to our cat and kitten patients, by continuing to grow in our knowledge of veterinary medicine and by staying current with the latest in technological advances.

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Compassionate Care for Nine Lives and Beyond

Feline Exclusive - Cat's Corner Veterinary Hospital is Southbury, Connecticut's only cat exclusive veterinary practice. Our veterinarians offer full medical, dental, and surgical services using the latest in diagnostics and technology in a quiet and relaxing environment.

Professional Affiliations - Our dedicated staff is highly trained, with decades of combined experience. We are members of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and The Cornell Feline Health Center. For optimum cat health, we follow the latest AVMA and AAFP recommendations on decreased frequency of vaccinations, and only give those vaccines that are considered to be necessary for your individual cat's needs.

AAHA Accreditation - Our hospital has also received accreditation following a comprehensive evaluation by the American Animal Hospital Association. The evaluation includes a quality assessment review of the hospital’s facility, medical equipment, practice methods, and pet health care management. Only 17 percent of all small animal veterinary practices in the U.S. have achieved accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association. In order to maintain accredited status, Cat’s Corner Veterinary Hospital must continue to be evaluated regularly by the association’s consultants.

Preventative Medicine / All Ages Cat Care and Kitten Care - If you just added a new kitten to your family, we offer the best in kitten care; the safest vaccines available, parasite control, heartworm prevention, spaying and neutering. For your adult and senior cats, we offer wellness exams and vaccines, blood work, and blood pressure monitoring. Do you need a cat dentist? Dental disease is a significant concern for cats of all ages, and Dr. Ball offers state of the art dental care, tailored just for cats!

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