Our Veterinary Team

We have an outstanding team of cat lovers here at our veterinary hospital in the Oxford area who are committed to the lifelong care of your feline companion. If you’re new to our practice, get to know us by reading our team bios below!

Dr. Erika Ball, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Ball has been a practicing veterinarian since her graduation from Virginia Tech in 1997. She worked as an associate for 5 years before becoming a “relief” veterinarian, which allowed her to work in multiple hospital settings. This provided a unique experience and learning opportunity, as no two hospitals are operated in the same way. She had dreamed of opening an all-feline veterinary hospital for years. Dr. Ball also held a teaching position at Northwestern Connecticut Community College for 10 years prior to opening Cat’s Corner, working with future veterinary technicians in the subjects of parasitology, surgery, and anesthesia.

Dr. Ball feels a strong connection to her feline patients and strives to provide them with a less stressful environment in which to recuperate and thrive. Her favorite part of feline practice is dentistry. She has many years of experience and advanced training in this area. Treatment of dental disease, when performed properly, leads to tremendous pain relief and other health benefits. Dental disease is the most common ailment seen in her patients of all ages. Outside of work she has a fantastic husband and two wonderful stepdaughters. Dr. Ball also sings in an amateur garage band, “Ed Zeppelin” with her husband, the lead guitarist. Due to allergies in the family Dr. Ball cannot have pets, but she gets in plenty of kitty lovin’ at work!

Linda, Office Manager

Linda joined the CCVH team in August 2017 from Bonita Springs, FL. Linda has been a veterinary technician for over 12 years, then additionally became the office manager of her last practice in Florida while completing her degree in business management over the last 2 years. As the daughter of a career veterinary technician, Linda practically grew up in a veterinarian’s office. She always gravitated towards animals in need, and closely observed and admired how the veterinary staff took care of them. The majority of her career has been devoted to veterinary orthopedic surgery, emergency veterinary medicine, and general practice. . In her spare time, Linda enjoys spending time with her son, playing guitar, enjoying the outdoors, reading, and listening to music (she loves Bruce Springsteen!).

Pictured with Linda is resident greeter and mascot Tiki.

Patricia, Certified Veterinary Technician

Patty passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam in 2005, becoming a certified technician to go along with her previous 5 years of experience. She has worked in ICU/Emergency animal care and alongside a Neurology Specialist. Patty dedicates herself to complicated cases with intense nursing and rehabilitation skills. Riding horses is a favorite hobby of hers, and spending time with her cat Meeka.

“I found Cat’s Corner upon moving back to the state, looking for employment. Cat’s Corner was appealing to me because it was an AAHA-accredited practice and cats only! I have enjoyed working with many types of animals in emergency and critical care, but cats have always been above all my favorite. Having previously worked at an accredited practice, I longed for my next job to have the same standards of excellence that AAHA encourages. Within a short time of working at Cat’s Corner I knew that I wanted to stay. The quality of medicine was top notch and the respect among staff made it feel like home away from home. I knew this was a place that I would feel comfortable, my education encouraged and the standards of practice A+.”

Megan, Veterinary Assistant

Megan graduated from Northwestern Connecticut Community College majoring in the Veterinary Technician program back in May 2017. When she saw an opportunity to work at a cat only practice, she knew she had to spring into action. Megan is currently preparing for the upcoming VTNE test she will be taking in the hopes of becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. Since she was a little girl, Megan has always had a strong love and care for all animals. In her free time, Megan loves to go hiking, swimming, bike riding, and play video games. She has one special cat in her life named Little Boo who will always be number one in her heart.

Pictured with Megan is Tiki.

Ashley, Certified Veterinary Technician

Ashley attended Northwestern Connecticut Community College majoring in the Veterinary Technology program. We are very excited to welcome her to our team as she begins her veterinary career. Growing up, she has always had a deep love for all animals and is driven to help them in any way she can. She has two cats of her own named Henrie and Bear, as well as three dogs: Jappo, Snickers and Moose.

“I started working at Cat’s Corner because I wanted to gain experience in the veterinary field while going to school to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. The staff was very welcoming and willing to help me. They knew I wasn’t coming in with much experience, but from my first day they made me feel like part of their family. Every day I’m learning new things and challenged to keep growing. The team at Cat’s Corner has excellent client communication skills, of which they’ve taught me, and I love being at a place where patients are cared for as if they are our own.”

Rachel, Animal Care Attendant

Rachel graduated from Nonnewaug High School majoring in the Veterinary Science Program. She first came to Cat’s Corner as a client and has now joined our dynamic team bringing an unfathomable amount of love for our feline patients. Rachel also enjoys learning as much as she can from our doctors and staff. She is proudly owned by 5 cats of her own and a dog that thinks she is a cat!

“Working at Cat’s Corner has been a wonderful opportunity for me. Never having worked at a veterinary hospital before, I feel more than lucky to have ended up here. I have been taught how to take better care of my own feline family members, I have learned the importance of team work, and I am grateful to have such wonderful, patient, teachers for coworkers. I truly believe there couldn’t have been a better place to start.”

Emily, Receptionist

Emily has come to us with years of experience in customer service. Her time in retail and the competitive restaurant industry have given her numerous vital skills. She has always had a love for animals, and her first ambition as a child was to work in the veterinary or marine biology field. In an effort to pursue that dream, she has joined us with the motivation to learn and grow. Emily lives with her two feline roommates, Widgeon and Luna, who, to the dismay of Emily, neglect to help with household chores and financial support. Though they do make it up to her with daily purr-filled snuggles and plenty of intellectual inter-species conversation.

“When I started working at Cat’s Corner I didn’t realize what a positive effect it would have on my life as a whole. I took this job because as I was coming to the end of my 20’s, I thought it was time to think of my future. My job as a receptionist has challenged me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. It was a rough transition at first but I was encouraged and supported by Dr. Ball and coworkers through it all. As time has gone on I see how much working here has pushed me beyond what I ever thought I was capable of doing. Not only has my job here helped me learn and grow as an employee, it has also helped me grow as a person. It has continued to be one of the most fun and positive working environments I have ever had. I am happy that I have had the chance to become a part of the wonderful Cat’s Corner Family and look forward to what our futures together bring!”

jen-receptionJen, Receptionist/Animal Care Attendant

Jennifer has come to us with a passion for animals and art. She grew up on an alpaca farm, has been in 4-H, and the Woodbury FFA. This has given Jennifer the opportunity to work with animals both large and small. After graduating from Montserrat College of Art, Jennifer realized that she needed to work around animals again. When she saw the opportunity to work at Cat’s Corner, she jumped at the chance. In her free time, Jennifer continues to paint; primarily custom pet portraits.

Tiki, Official Greeter and Mascot

Tiki has lived with us since April 2008. He loves to sit with the clients in the waiting room. His hobbies include stealing food from the patients and staff, stealing toys from the boarders, and lying on towels fresh out of the dryer.