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It’s our privilege to have so many wonderful clients who trust us with the care of their feline companions.  We also appreciate feedback that lets us know how we’re doing, and where we can improve.  Check out some of their reviews below! To read more reviews, click the button below.

“I have been going to the Cat’s Corner since Peaches was six months old.  She is now five years old. Peaches does have some medical issues; and requires a special diet and timed feedings.  I knew when she was 6 months old and was constipation and had a Blatter infection, I had to take her to a place who specializes in Cat’s.  My Vet, Dr. Nero had passed away a few days after he treated Peaches. A knew Dr. Ball worked for him so I took Peaches to the Cat Corner.  Peaches has had excellent care will all her medical issues. The staff is wonderful.  I can call anytime during the day and get advice.  I am a ‘Helicopter Cat Mom’ need I say more.

When Dr. Ball suggested that Peaches needed dental work, I just wasn’t 100% sold and I put it off.  I thought she is only five. I thought it was risky.   But, I was wrong.  It has been two weeks since her surgery and the other day, I came home to find toys that she had  taken out of her cat toy box during the day  (She hasn’t done that in years!)  She will play with the feather on a stick; but never look for toys when I am not around.  So we played fetch.  She must have been in pain for a while.”

Once again thank you,

– Geri S.

“Dr. Ball is an excellent, caring vet, and since Cat’s Corner only does cats, there isn’t any additional stress from barking dogs. Dr. Nerone also has been wonderful the few times we had her for our appointments. They also will groom your cat, which is getting harder to find, and you know your cat will be safe and able to have medical care or even a sedative, if really necessary. I previously had some horrific experiences with pet store grooming shops and a mobile groomer, and my regular groomer stopped doing cats. One of my cats was very difficult to groom, but Cat’s Corner was able to do her without issue, and I knew she was safe. I have had 5 cats get medical care here, and when the sad time came that some had to be helped over the bridge, the staff were all so compassionate.”

– Jeanne D.
Customer since 2010

“What a wonderful experience. Everyone there made my husband, Mittens and myself feel comfortable and provided an estimate of care prior to treatment. It was very homey and smelled so very nice there. You would not know you were at a veterinary office. I love the fact that they have Saturday hours as well.”

– Carol H.
Customer since 2016

“I have had large and small animals most of my life and have had numerous experiences with small animal veterinarians. When my small animal veterinarian misdiagnosed my 13 year old cats urinary problem and “missed” an irregular heart rate, then told me I had to wait 24 hours for an appointment when my cat took a turn for the worse I decided it was definitely time for a change! I called Cat’s Corner and was seen that afternoon. Dr. Ball gave my aged cat a thorough exam, diagnosed and treated her heart problem and changed her diet to address her urinary issues. The hospital is impeccable and Dr. Ball and all her staff are the friendliest and caring people! By their actions you can see they have a deep love and concern for the sick animals they treat. Thank God I found them…. I’ll be with them forever.”

– Judy J.
Customer since 2015

“Everyone is always friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about cat care. The soothing environment that is provided allows Mishka to get the best possible care without stressing her out. Dr. Ball and her staff are the BEST!!!!”

– Barbara P.
Customer since 2009

“I have been coming here since they opened. Dr. Ball and her staff are the best. Having many cats and bouncing from vet to vet over the years I have finally found a place I trust and will continue to go to for years to come. Can’t wait for the new place to open! Everyone here is knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, and caring. Oh yes, and from the mouth of my granddaughter who has accompanied me on my many visits, ‘their bathroom is the cleanest and smells so good!!’ Haha”

– Clare B.
Customer since 2008

“The ladies at Cat Corner’s Veterinary Hospital are awesome! They run a very clean establishment and are very attentive to my cat’s needs. I wouldn’t leave my cat anywhere else and this is coming from a person who lives in NYC.”

– Roxanne M.
Customer since 2013

“Our annual visit to Cat’s Corner was fantastic as usual! The staff is so friendly and shows a genuine concern for our cat’s wellbeing! Dr. Ball is so thorough! She spends all the time needed with us to explain procedures and exhibits so much patience in handling our cats. We are so pleased to have a veterinary practice available to us that is dedicated to cats, only as we feel it removes the “dog stress” and the practice is totally focused on feline care!”

– Sandra G.
Customer since 2008

“Excellent facility, extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and caring staff. Everyone is fully engaged with the patient. Internal communication among the staff is unbelievable. Everyone knows the patient and what is happening every step of the exam, procedure(s), and follow-ups. Your cat and yourself are treated like special family. Wish I could give more than 5 stars.”

– Raymond S.


“Cats Corner was a wonderful experience for my cat and me!! Dr. Ball was thorough and identified some health issues that were unknown to me as he was asymptomatic. I am very confident in my Feline Veterinarian now after feeling adrift for the last year in a new state and town. I will recommend this office to all of my friends that have a feline life they are responsible for!”

– Cathrine O.

“Dr. Ball was very thorough and informative about the long term health of my cat, and the staff took very good care of Betty. The tech brushed her long fur and got rid of persistent mats. I also found the atmosphere to be less stressful for the cat due to the absence of dogs. It was a very positive experience.”

– Peggy W.

“Cat’s Corner continuously provides top of the line care for my kitties! I love the staff and the doctors are fabulous! Because it’s cats only, Cat’s Corner is so much better for my cats. I like bringing them in knowing that they will be well cared for. I love this place!”

– Suzanne S.

“Love the skilled staff–who really know and love cats–because they are such a great team. I have only ever used vets who exclusively treat cats. These docs know their stuff and stay current with developments. I had to put down a much beloved cat who suffered with liver cancer. Dr. Ball and an assistant came to our home to put him to sleep so we wouldn’t have to subject him to another car ride. I will always love her for that kindness.”

– Adrienne A.

“We love the care and time spent with our cats (and us!). Thank you for the love and compassion you have for our furry children!”

– Becky P.

“As always, the complete staff (reception, aides, techs, doctors) at Cat’s Corner treated patient and doting “owner” in their usual professional and caring manner. Highest marks and thanks from us.”

– Robert V.

“I know I always get the best care from Cat’s Corner and this past visit proved it. This was the first visit for my two new kitties, one of which is very skittish and doesn’t like to be held. It was traumatic getting him into the pet carrier. When the carrier was open at the office he bolted around the room. Dr. Nerone was awesome! She was patient and helped calm him down. She is very gentle and takes her time.”

– Carrie S.

“Very friendly staff! They treated our kitten with lots of love. We feel very comfortable bringing her there.”

– Kelly M.