Board Your Cat in a Feline-Friendly Facility

Taking your cat to the vet is one thing, but having to board them overnight or for several days in a row can be stressful—for them and for you!  At Cat’s Corner Veterinary Hospital, our cat boarding services are designed specifically with our feline guests’ comfort in mind.  Your loved one won’t have to experience the stress of being in close proximity to dogs, or listen to them bark all day.  They’ll enjoy peace and quiet during their stay with us, and get all the attention they need.  We’re all cat lovers here, and we welcome guests from all around Oxford, Southbury and surrounding towns.

Cat Boarding Amenities

If you’re on vacation, your feline companion deserves a little vacation of their own.  We believe that every guest deserves to enjoy the comforts of home at our cat boarding facility, and we provide that with the following amenities:

  • Spacious ‘kitty condos’ divided into 2 sides—one for playtime, feeding and sleeping, and the other for their litterbox
  • Luxury 5.5’X4’ suites with a view that can accommodate multiple cat households
  • Lots of extra snuggling and playtime
  • Clean, soft bedding changed daily
  • Administration of medication as needed by our trained veterinary staff

While we’re more than happy to provide food for our guests, we recommend bringing their food from home, especially if they’re on a special diet.  Make sure to include clear instructions for both food and medications (if they’re taking any), so we can be sure your loved one is receiving what they need, when they need it.

Requirements for Boarding

All boarding guests must be up-to-date on their requisite vaccinations.  These include rabies and distemper (FVRCP).  Each guest must have proof of a proper distemper series according to AVMA and AAFP standards.

*We are not accepting new boarding patients. Our boarding services are exclusively for current patients of our hospital.

If you have any questions about our boarding policy or would like to schedule your cat’s boarding stay, please get in touch with us at (203) 264-2287.